Scholarships for local students.

We gave out $30,000 worth of them (last year alone).


The 2017 Dream Dollars Raffle is now in the record books!
Thank you to all who participated by purchasing a ticket.

The raffle generated a prize of $12,500, AND an additional $12,500 for 2018 scholarships!


About the Brick Township Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation

Our Educational Foundation continues to give scholarships – with your help – year after year.
We award scholarships for continuing education, vocational as well as academic. We make scholarship awards to adults as well as to graduating high school seniors.  

The Brick Chamber gave $30,000 in scholarships to 20 deserving students in 2017.

Since the inception of the scholarship program, we’ve exceeded $300,000 in awards to students of all ages who are pursuing their dreams.

Why do we do it?  For several reasons.  

  • Education is an investment in our future.  A prepared, educated workforce is essential for our community to thrive and prosper.  
  • Educational support is a wonderful way for the business community to give back to the local consumers and clients who support our members throughout the year.
  • Our members and their employees AND their immediate families are eligible for scholarships!
  • All graduating/graduated students from both Brick high schools and the Ocean County Vocational Technical School are also eligible for scholarships.


Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients (photo: Tracy Harman, Tracy Harman Photography)


Our Annual Scholarship Timeline

January-February: Scholarship applications accepted from students (link to form)
March-April: Student applications reviewed, scholarship recipients selected
May: Student notification and scholarship award celebration event
Year-round: Scholarship fundraising!


Raising Scholarship Funds


The Brick Chamber sponsors events throughout the year to generate scholarship funds for our Educational Foundation.

ANYONE can directly fund a Brick Chamber scholarship. Members of the Brick Chamber fund many scholarships each year, in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. As a scholarship funder, you may choose to specify that the recipient is pursuing a particular course of study, or you may elect to fund a general scholarship open to any student. For information, please call the Chamber at 732-477-4949.

ANYONE can donate to the scholarship fund.  

TREE OF LEARNING: You may purchase leaves boulders or medallions to add to Educational Foundation Tree of Learning. The tree is permanently displayed in the Brick Municipal Complex, and your leaf may be used to advertise your business or honor or remember a loved one. By purchasing a leaf for the tree, you are also funding a scholarship for a deserving student!

For more information on how you can get involved, please call Chelle at 732-477-4949.

DIRECT DONATION TO BRICK CHAMBER EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION: You may make a donation using the form below. It may be in memory of a deceased loved one or to honor a special person.  We will send an acknowledgement of your generosity.



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